Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Writing a Celebrity Gossip Blog

As some of you know, I write in another blog called, "Totally! Celeb". It's a celebrity gossip blog and it's updated three to five times a day, as I dig up stories. It also has the same sarcastic humor found in this blog to some degree, as I offer a personal opinion after every entry.

I began writing the blog thinking that it was going to be easy and I wanted something more topical then this blog. My thinking was, "how hard can it be? Celebrities make asses out of themselves everyday and they're the most searched, so it shouldn't be hard driving traffic". My thinking was wrong.

Some of my personal friends also know that I'm not really into celebrity gossip. Then, I'm not really into much of anything that would make a good topical blog. Am I in it for the popularity? No, I like blogging. I've ran a countless number of blog's in the past, but I have a hard time keeping a topical blog updated. I also have a hard time maintaining interest in anything for more then a day. That's where the idea of "Totally! Celeb" came in. It was something that I could update quick.

I was wrong. Running a celebrity gossip blog isn't easy. In fact, finding dirt on celebrities was harder then it looked. First of all, when you write a blog that isn't very popular, the goal is to find a way to climb in front of the pack and there are hundred's of celebrity gossip blog's on the internet. So, the goal is to be unique or to be so informed that the reader is going to know that he or she can find all the latest celebrity news on the internet.

Originally, my goal was to be unique. I would only report on one story a day, but I would add my personal input on the story. Basically, I was going to be a personality over being a reporter. My finding was that there are already tons of personalities out there that are funnier and smarter then me. So, I switched over to being more of a reporter with a slight hint of a personality by offering a small opinion after each report.

Finding news was hard, but I finally came across a couple of popular forum's that seemed to catch all the gossip. Still, the field of celebrity gossip is packed with better blog's then Totally! Celeb.

So, basically, my best advice for writing a celebrity gossip blog? Don't write one. But don't worry if you're a Totally! Celeb reader, I still plan on updating.


shroomheat said...

thanks for commenting on my site um
ibrpro...crazy...ill take that into consideration and not make such a sucky site!...dig your sites...if you have any tips for a beginner please tell me...because tips are good...when i get them they change my life...peace

shroomheat said...

ill send a link to your sites...

applejoos said...

I think you're pretty funny, but I'll be totally honest with you. I'm a big fan of Perez Hilton. It's almost a family past time around here-- even my dad reads it. My big, burly, manly-man dad. So, I'll be keeping up with yours because you seem pretty cool and it's nice to know what you think and discuss it with someone who will actually discuss, but for my actual gossip, I'll probably still be frequenting Perez.