Friday, April 25, 2008

Number Fo'

Ladies and Gentlemen and Cheesehead's? I interrupt whatever you were doing to speak to you about a very unimportant topic while I increase my chip stack. Hmm, that seems like a clever opening. I might keep it.

With Brett Favre's retirement along with Steve McNair's, the whole football world is saddened. A superbowl legend, a football icon, and a hero throughout the state of Wisconsin. One of the greatest quarterback's of all time is finally laying down his helmet and calling it quits.

Everyone... Except me. Being born and raised in Duluth, MN. I can honestly say that I am not saddened by his retirement at all. Not even a single tear drop. I have dreamped about the day that I would see Brett Favre's jersey retired. Okay, I'll admit it. There was a couple of moment's that I actually cheered for Brett Favre. Generally, when he threw a pass to Kevin Williams. What an arm!

Well, now Brett Favre is going to be on the cover of Madden '09 and possibly every sports magazine that comes out until then, and I thought the nightmare was over. God, I hope I don't have to see his jersey number painted on everyone's back for the next 10 year's.


Gramma Ann said...

Hey Big Chip, I see your blog is coming right along. And I actually read it even if I didn't understand most of it.(Not a football fan) But, I like learning something new everyday, so look forward to learning something new tomorrow! Have a fun time with your blogging;)

Gramma Ann said...

Hey Big Chip, Sorry you misunderstood, I found your comments interesting, I just never heard of Brett Favre. So as I said, I learned something today. Honestly, I enjoyed your blog today.

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Just wait, every car driving in front of you will plaster that numbe. I feel for you, Really...I don't want to see it either!
I see enough of those Calvin and Hobbs cartoons peeing!

applejoos said...

Man. Just be happy he didn't die. Think about how inundated we are with NASCAR racers that die and everyone is all "Joe Racer forever!" on their cars and their houses and putting wings on the number 3 and... you get the point.