Saturday, April 26, 2008

Decision '08

So, there had to come a time for Derek to bring politics into his blog that had absolutely no topic and already bored 95% of his three reader's (is that possible? I'm not sure. You do the math and get back to me).

Derek was not passionate about politics. Not passionate enough to stay on the subject of politics for more then one entry, but he knew that it was his duty as an American citizen to sway the voter's to vote for the same candidate that he's going to vote for. Derek knew that the informed population could not think for themselves, so he would have to think for them. Despite the fact that he was probably less informed.

So, Derek set out on his journey to find the next president of the United States of America. Was it going to be John McCain, Hilary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Jesse Ventura?

John McCain seemed like a good candidate, but he was old. Which probably meant that he was going to have a heart attack when it was announced that he would be the next president of the United States. Besides, Derek didn't like the color red.

Derek also didn't like George W. Bush, who was also a republican. Yes, Mr. Bush, the economy is in a slow-down. That's why they call it a recession. The stage right before a depression. Despite all effort's, Derek was unable to prove to the president that the president is a dumbass.

No, Derek was not going to vote republican. That became obvious. Derek would have to choose between a black man or a white woman. The decision was tough. The question's raced through his mind. Black or white? Male or female? Long hair or short hair? Who looked the best in a skirt?

It became obvious who Derek was going to vote for. It would not be John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. It wouldn't even be Jesse Ventura. The next president of the United States was going to be...

Tyra Banks! Duh. She was black, female and looked good in a skirt. The decision was so obvious. It was in front of his face the whole time.

And Derek lived happily ever after with his decision.

Moral of the story: Vote for Barrack Obama.


applejoos said...

WHAT?! You're voting for Tyra Banks?! But the economy! THE ECONOMY! Heh, kidding. Glad you've got your head in the game.

Gramma Ann said...

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