Monday, May 5, 2008

In which Derek rants about your working habbits

There's only one thing that I hate more when I walk into a store then a crabby worker and that is a worker that doesn't give a reason to say anything about them when I leave the store, because every time I leave a store, I become a critic. It doesn't matter who is with me. The first thing that I say after I leave a store is always the same. It's either "well, that person was nice" or "that person was a bitch!". There's nothing in the middle, it's either one or the other.

So, what am I supposed to say when someone is in the middle? They weren't overly nice, but they weren't an asshole either. They were just... There. What am I supposed to tell my co-shopper after I leave the store? "Well, that person was there". It aggravates me. I leave the store and I'm silenced? Silenced?!

Well, I will not be silenced! I will stand-up for my right to comment on someone else's personality. I will march back in that store and tell that worker... Wait, what am I going to tell that worker? "Either be nice or be an asshole!".

Well, that's my advice for today. Either be nice or be an asshole. Don't be in between or you're an asshole.

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